About Me

My name is Livia Nóbrega Lima, I am originally from Brazil and a huge nerd. I love technology and getting my hands into the CLI to try something new. Let me learn and I will never be bored.

My main expertise is infrastructure support and administration. I've been working with this in various forms for over 10 years. I executed projects, troubleshooted issues, trained staff and was in charge of governance. I am currently working with application support and getting excited about the software products I'm getting my hands on.

In my spare time (which isn't much), I've been publishing technical tutorials on my YouTube channel, and being responsible for the Linux Upskill Challenge.

Outside of technology, I enjoy music, craft beer, comic books and rugby. I keep my stress levels down by doing crossfit and eating pizza.

Awesome stuff I did

  • Created the Linux Upskill Challenge video-series as a support material for the month-long course on Reddit. As a result, I also became an official maintainer for the project.
  • Created a static website on AWS from scratch as a personal project. Here's how I did it.
  • Saved 50k USD to client(a major US bank) by applying proper governance to their inventory of network circuits and telephone lines.
  • Increased to 35% the rate of Cisco certified analysts in the technical staff. Entry level candidates that get in are still trained in the framework I developed.
  • Transitioned the scope of Voice support to integrate to my former Network team. I worked closely with stakeholders to deploy the process and structured training. I was able to complete the transition in under 1 year, with 200+ technical articles in place and 8+ network analysts fully trained.

I also got some product certifications over the years and their shiny badges are on Credly

Awesome stuff I'm doing right now

I'm currently working as Application Support Engineer for Atlassian/e-Core, supporting some awesome Jira products.

Awesome stuff I post

My other interests can be found throughout my social media accounts and in my blog.

Awesome support from you

If you appreciate my work and are feeling generous, you can buy me a beer or donate a dollar. You can also become my patron if you feel extra generous.